The North East Automotive Alliance and Lumo accelerates forward with a new partnership.

The North East Automotive Alliance has joined partnership with Lumo to help spread the word about Research and Development Claims.
The region is world renowned for automotive manufacturing, indeed Nissan Sunderland is Europe's most productive car plant and top ten across the globe. 
The North East accounts for 26% of all Electric Vehicle production across Europe and boasts a significant growth reputation for investment into research and development.
With new and emerging technologies such as advanced propulsion, connected and autonomous vehicles. BUT stats also show that the North East is not claiming enough when it comes to R&D. 
Manufacturing and Engineering are ideal R&D claim candidates. For example, do you:
  • Spend Money on developing new products? Probably.
  • Spend money on creating new processes, or enhancing existing ones? Again, probably.
So, if the above applies to you and you're spending a lot of time and money developing noew products and creating new processes, then R&D tax credits are something you should definetly be taking a look at.
Got 2 minutes? Check out the video below to explain more on why as a manufacturing business you are entitled to be claiming R&D Tax. 

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