R&D Tax credits are a grossly underutilised tax incentive for UK businesses.

Too many businesses are missing out on this amazing opportunity. So, if you're a startup, scaleup or SME with less than 500 staff and  either a turnover of less than 100 million Euros or a balance sheet of less than 86 millions Euros, then R&D tax credits are something you need to look at. Now.

Simply put, R&D Tax credits have been set up to help businesses invest in innovation. But 'innovation' is a bit of a vague term, isn't it?

So, instead, just ask yourself if your business does either of the following?

  • Spend money creating new products or services?
  • Spend money changing or modifying an existing product or service?

The likelihood is that you do – because pretty much every business does. 

If so, you might be eligible to receive money back from the UK Government in the form of a Corporation Tax reduction if you are profit-making, a cash credit if you are loss-making, or a combination of the two.

Sounds great, right? Well of course it does. Except that to get that money, you need to deal with HMRC. And that's where the stumbling blocks appear for those not used to doing it.

Fortunately for us all, Lumo is here to help.

As an R&D Tax specialist, all Lumo do is deal with the HMRC and unlock R&D tax credits for their customers, so it's best to speak to them if you'd like to explore this further (and we really feel that you should).

There's some useful information on this page, so take a look around and, when you're ready, get in touch with Lumo via the form below."

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